M4000 – High performance made universal

System tools, i.e. those that can be used universally for numerous machining requirements, reduce the complexity of and susceptibility to errors in production, thus making it more cost-efficient.

The latest example of this product philosophy from Walter AG is the new M4000 range with system indexable insert. Walter has consistently implemented the idea of a system concept: The new inserts and cutting bodies are manufactured in a way that offsets CO2 emissions. The M4000 – four square indexable inserts that can be used in three different types of milling cutters and master many common milling operations: For example, face milling, shoulder milling or chamfering in all steel, stainless steels, cast iron, and even difficult-to-cut materials.

M4000 inserts can therefore be used more universally than their specialised relatives in the Walter BLAXX and Walter Xtra▪tec® ranges. However, just like its two cousins, it is coated with the high-performance cutting material Tiger•tec Silver®. What are the features of the system indexable inserts for the M4000? The flank faces on the four cutting edges are provided with a wave profile, which displays the geometry of the indexable insert: The more waves that are visible, the more positive the geometry. Currently the stable (D57) and universal (F57) geometries are available.​