New DC150 drill family from Walter Titex for high cost efficiency

The DC150 family from Walter Titex provides drilling tools for the tough everyday work of machining, in which theoretical cutting data is not everything: Small quantities, older machines, and frequent change between different materials. In such circumstances, peak performance is not determined by theoretical tool values and maximum cutting speeds. The result that can actually be achieved is the critical quality criterion. What counts for the customer: Precision, process reliability and cost-efficiency. No more, no less.

The DC150 can be universally used for all materials, in all industries and especially in general mechanical engineering. Our new Perform product line offers an extra benefit in terms of cost efficiency, for precisely smaller quantities. With the DC150, the user can change the tool appropriately early without suffering a bad conscience, thereby restoring 100% process reliability, while still working cost-efficiently.

As a prelude to the new „Perform“ product line, the DC150 drill family is Walter AG’s response to the demand for tools that combine high quality requirements with cost efficiency. At the start, there will be DC150 in the almost 400 principal dimensions for all adapters typically used in drilling, as a 3xD variant with external cooling and a 5xD variant with internal cooling. The product line will be available from September 2014.​